Really Ready

This comes straight out of the Operating Room. Before a patient is wheeled in for an operation, the OR needs to be really ready. Surgical nurses and technicians pick all the of instruments and supplies for the case, and set each and every one in its place. Every surgical instrument can be seen at a glance for instant use. Medications are arrayed for instant access. Anesthesia has all of their airway items ready. For instance, the endotracheal tube may be pre-selected and placed under the pillow, ready for the moment of intubation.

Inside the Treatment Field

Code carts in the hospital are outside of the circle of caregivers working on the patient. They might not even fit inside the patient's room. The providers at bedside often have to search through trays perched on hospital furniture, rummage through tackle boxes on the floor, or holler for needed items. With Pedi-PRO all of your front-line items are right in front of you, inside the treatment field.

• Patient & Equipment together in treatment fi eld
• Integral CPR Platform
• Anatomically-arrayed equipment & supplies
• High visibility compartments
• User filled and customizable
• Reusable/Disposable/Recyclable
• Compact for easy storage

Anatomically Arrayed

You determine which equipment and supplies to keep in your Pedi-PRO Professional Resuscitation Organizer, and place everything where it makes sense.

The rescuer on Airway finds intubation items arrayed about the patient's head, the rescuer on IV access finds IV supplies by the patient's arm, and the patient is centered over the CPR spine support. Your crucial items are visible at your finger tips.

Be Ready to Save a Life

You have the best training. You have the best equipment.
Now, you can have it all really ready with professional
resuscitation organizers from Code Kit PRO.